Sign petition to move US embassy to Israel

The US has already passed a law that the US embassy would be moved to Jersualem. Moving it makes a statement that Jeruslame is recognized as the capital of Israel, the only state that exists in the land. Sign the petition to have President Trump keep his promising of moving the US embassy to Istael. If it doesn’t happen today, it may be to late tomorrow and we could lose Jerusalem.

Sign the petition on
Donald Trump should keep his promise and move the US Embassy to Jerusalem

Please reply below if you signed the petition! You can also ask us more about why we believe it is so important to have the Embassy moved.


Published by Yeshiva Etzion

Yeshiva Etzion is a yeshiva located in Queens, NY. The yeshiva was established in 2003 by Rabbi Avraham Gaon. Like many yeshivot, Yeshiva Etzion is a center of talmud, halacha and other Jewish studies and is open to students of all backgrounds.

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