The Yeshiva

Yeshiva Etzion has done unimaginable wonders for me. I cannot fathom my daily schedule without implementing our yeshiva study within, regardless of how busy one may be. Having learned a plethora of insightful facets of Torah with Rav Gaon has indefintely widened my horizons as a religious Jew. I am blessed to have stumbled upon Yeshiva Etzion and look forward to continue growing here with the rest of the chevra.

– Etan (In Yeshiva Etzion since 2013)

Rav Gaon has indefintely widened my horizons


This place is absolutely fantastic. In this Yeshiva you make a lot of good friends, you learn so many things as well as things you’ve already known but, on a much higher level. The Rabbi gives us a better understanding of Torah and the world at large, making us leave with tons of wisdom and an appreciation of learning. PLUS, you learn a lot about yourself.

–  Sam (In Yeshiva Etzion since 2003)

My best decision