Year end recap (5776/2016)

This will help you get a glance at what you will be able to learn when you join the Yeshiva.


  • Completed all the halachot of brachot on food, with the Mishneh Berurah and other Sephardic and Ashkenazi poskim.
  • Started the halachot of Shabbat from the Mishneh Brerurah
  • Finished Gemara Makot
  • Started Gemara Sanhedrin


  • Completed halachot of Meat and Dairy that has mixed from the Shulchan Aruch
  • Started the halachot of Swearing and promises from the Shulchan Aruch
  • Learned the halachot of all the holidays a month to a few weeks prior to them
  • Learned almost the second half of Gemara Gittin. In a few months we will be finished with the whole Gittin.

These are the main things we have learned during the year. We have taken breaks to learn different topics of mussar, halacha, life lessons, and many more.Join us to find what you can have learned in only one year.


Published by Yeshiva Etzion

Yeshiva Etzion is a yeshiva located in Queens, NY. The yeshiva was established in 2003 by Rabbi Avraham Gaon. Like many yeshivot, Yeshiva Etzion is a center of talmud, halacha and other Jewish studies and is open to students of all backgrounds.

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