Pray with the yeshiva

Join us this year (2016) for Rosh Hashanna and Yom Kippur! The Yeshiva has arvit all year round at 9:00pm. During the winters we have mincha at 12:30pm. (Please contact us to make sure we have started our winter mincha) The Yeshiva also has our own minyan every Shabbat, Chag, and during the High Holidays. Shabbat … Continue reading Pray with the yeshiva


Pray for Rabbi Gaon

  Today 4/19/2018 at 11am Rabbi Gaon is scheduled for surgery. We are asking everyone to pray and learn in his merit. This can be anything from saying one tehilim (psalm), learning a halacha, a Mishnah or even speaking directly to Hashem (God) with your own words for him. Every last bit helps and the … Continue reading Pray for Rabbi Gaon